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US-6542453-B1: Recording medium read device patent, US-6572567-B1: Mobile lift system and method of use patent, US-6625191-B2: Very narrow band, two chamber, high rep rate gas discharge laser system patent, US-3634861-A: Cargo-conveying cartridge for pneumatic cylindrical tube conveying system patent, US-3686761-A: Dental balancing method and apparatus patent, US-3782694-A: Apparatus and method for mixing materials patent, US-3826323-A: Propelling apparatus for skiers patent, US-3844069-A: Automatic loading mechanism and grinding machine patent, US-3878410-A: Two-phase liquid-metal magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generator patent, US-3884513-A: Coupling for a pipe or tube patent, US-3912621-A: Hydro desulfurization of heavy petroleum oil at higher temperatures and space velocities patent, US-3944016-A: Locking device for selector lever of automatic transmission to prevent car driving without wearing safety belt patent, US-3951425-A: Anti-crossing device for skis patent, US-3979003-A: Re-usable frangible closure patent, US-3988666-A: Multiplex cable insulation fault locator system with electrical conducting guides mounted on a rotating disc patent, US-4079806-A: Vehicle starting circuit to by-pass auxiliary steering system patent, US-4153271-A: Binding for cross-country skiing patent, US-4219711-A: Axial blast puffer interrupter with multiple puffer chambers patent, US-4293990-A: Method of making embossing roll for producing paper towels patent, US-4303066-A: Burn dressing patent, US-4392540-A: Power steering device for a vehicle patent, US-4411196-A: Imprinter with locking and releasing device patent, US-4442775-A: Device for adjusting an ink knife in an ink-applicator of a printing machine patent, US-4459416-A: Water soluble thioxantone photoinitiators patent, US-4497742-A: Isomerization of β-lactam compounds patent, US-4606545-A: Bi-level pinball machine providing interlevel ball travel patent, US-4702166-A: Plate lock-up mechanism for printing presses patent, US-4790177-A: Shifting control for automated manual transmission shifter patent, US-4883492-A: Metal bone implant patent, US-4964662-A: Portable door securing device patent, US-4973752-A: Novel process to prevent formation of chlorinated by-products in APAP production patent, US-4986309-A: Main steam by-pass valve patent, US-5022658-A: Arrow penetrator brake assembly patent, US-5081767-A: Shaving apparatus patent, US-5275385-A: Rotor speed control for an aluminum refining system patent, US-5361132-A: Back to front alignment of elements on a substrate patent, US-5369111-A: Modulator agent and use thereof patent, US-5487192-A: Apparatus for the raising and self-lowering of a toilet seat patent, US-5630057-A: Secure architecture and apparatus using an independent computer cartridge patent, US-5672871-A: Corona wire handling device patent, US-5786526-A: Airbag testing apparatus and a method therefor patent, US-5833485-A: Multi-plug electrical connector patent, US-5980333-A: Connector members patent, US-6105444-A: Noise tester for an indoor unit of an air conditioner patent, US-6665933-B2: Process for fabricating heat sink with high-density fins patent, US-3791123-A: Method and apparatus for replacing bobbins on spinning or twisting machines patent, US-3896683-A: Pivotal guard for punch presses patent, US-3900273-A: Centrifugal auto-priming pump patent, US-3955499-A: Rotary rubber stamp patent, US-3973934-A: Apparatus for diffusion separation patent, US-4034707-A: Apparatus for coating webs patent, US-4054568-A: Thiazolo(5,4-f)quinoline-8-carboxylic acid derivatives patent, US-4095544-A: Production of corrosion resistant seam-free can bodies from tinplate patent, US-4128059-A: Color-disseminating projectile for training cartridge patent, US-4167477-A: Separation of plastics by flotation patent, US-4240354-A: Truck mounted railroad crane rail gear assembly patent, US-4707280-A: Lubricating oil for use in Flon atmosphere patent, US-4926709-A: Motion transmitting systems for machinery & machine tools patent, US-4996008-A: Cooling tower liquid contact plate support system patent, US-5177539-A: Developing device patent, US-5296884-A: Camera having a data recording function patent, US-5355500-A: Multiprocessor system for conducting initial processing for shared circuit patent, US-5384637-A: Fiber optic gyroscope modulation amplitude control patent, US-5465325-A: Method and apparatus for manipulating inked objects patent, US-5508388-A: Process for manufacturing DTPA-bis amide magnetic resonance imaging patent, US-5748293-A: Adjustable document handler for reproduction apparatus patent, US-5831631-A: Method and apparatus for improved information visualization patent, US-5913515-A: Game machine with display device and special condition generation patent, US-5945807-A: Converting battery module with battery-powered controller patent, US-6120389-A: Golf club head patent, US-6202622-B1: Crank system for internal combustion engine patent, US-6404792-B2: Semiconductor light-emitting device patent, US-6441587-B2: Method to determine capacity of a battery patent, US-6453860-B1: Valve timing control device patent, US-6507195-B1: Electronic apparatus using removable batteries as drive source patent, US-6601636-B1: Slat angle adjusting device for venetian blind patent, US-6675529-B1: Method of treating sandy soils to reduce water repellency therein patent, US-3668856-A: Friction twister element patent, US-4042023-A: Control line protector patent, US-4585596-A: Process for the production of aromatic polyester carbonates in the absence of tertiary amines patent, US-4625991-A: Heel holder patent, US-4647700-A: Process for the preparation of meta-chloroanilines patent, US-4841070-A: Sulfinyl-ascorbic acid useful as an anti-oxidant patent, US-4910520-A: High speed synthetic radar processing system patent, US-4940307-A: Optical fiber splice patent, US-4979689-A: Method and apparatus for winding a web patent, US-4991544-A: Seed guard for bird cages patent, US-5058651-A: Roller door assemblies patent, US-5209488-A: Three player chess-like game patent, US-5415618-A: Method for controlling the operating parameters of an incubator patent, US-5448850-A: Non-freeze tip up patent, US-5455883-A: Optical wave guide and an optical input device, fabrication methods thereof, and a liquid crystal display apparatus using the optical wave guide and the optical input device patent, US-5624015-A: Infinitely variable positive gear ratio transmission patent, US-5767325-A: Preparation of enol ethers patent, US-5818744-A: Circuit and method for determining multiplicative inverses with a look-up table patent, US-5956109-A: Method of fabricating color filters used in a liquid crystal display patent, US-5995858-A: Pulse oximeter patent, US-6081862-A: Switching system for optimization of signal reflection patent, US-6087667-A: Charged-particle-beam (CPB) lithography apparatus, evaluation method, and CPB source patent, US-6088782-A: Method and apparatus for moving data in a parallel processor using source and destination vector registers patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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